Fourteen companies are contesting license denials by the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission (AMCC) at their meeting on December 1.

According to an AMCC spokeswoman on Monday, the following cannabis license applicants are requesting investigative hearings in the cultivator, processor, dispensary and secure transporter license categories:

  • First Choice Farms, Hollywood

  • James Gang Dispensary, Atmore

  • Pure by Simon Farms, Daphne

  • Blackberry Farms, Dothan

  • Longleaf Extracts, Dothan

  • Enchanted Green, Dothan

  • Guaranteed Investments, Dothan

  • Yellowhammer Medical Dispensaries, Birmingham

  • Alabama Sexual Medicine Specialists, Jasper

  • Guaranteed Dispensary AL, Dothan

  • LeBleu Fields, Montgomery

  • Statewide Property Holdings AL, Montgomery

  • Medshop Dispensary, Northport

  • Soraya Schultz, Birmingham

The deadline to request such a hearing was December 15. AMCC awarded 20 licenses to various companies in every category besides integrated facilities at their meeting on December 1. 

The law states, "After denial of a license, the commission, upon request, shall provide a public investigative hearing at which the applicant is given the opportunity to present testimony and evidence to establish its suitability for a license. Other testimony and evidence may be presented at the hearing, but the commission's decision must be based on the whole record before the commission and is not limited to testimony and evidence submitted at the public investigative hearing."

Fees required to request an investigative hearing were initially $30,000 to $50,000, depending on the category, but those fee requirements were waived when AMCC passed new rules and procedure changes in October.

The deadline for investigative hearing requests from denied integrated facility applicants isn't until December 26 since those awards didn't happen until December 12

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