Wednesday on her Fox News Channel show "The Ingraham Angle," Laura Ingraham took aim at a gender health specialist at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) over her recent comments praising a transgender teen for "boldly" ending his life.

Morissa Jean Ladinsky, associate professor of pediatrics at Children’s of Alabama and specialist at UAB’s LGBTQ+ Mental Health & Wellness Clinic, used the suicide of 16-year-old Leelah Alcorn as a case for “affirming” care for transgender youth, describing the teen’s suicide as bold while speaking at the annual American Academy of Pediatrics conference.

In a statement to 1819 News, Ladinsky later walked back her remarks.

“I regret my choice of words that has been interpreted to glorify self-harm,” Ladisnky told 1819 News. “This was never my intent. In discussing the tragic event, I sought to convey my work toward a day when no teen feels they must take their life. Any suicide is devastating, and I want anyone who is struggling to know that help is always available.”

During a monologue directed at American Girl dolls promoting transgenderism to children and the American Academy of Pediatrics, Ingraham slammed Ladinsky, calling her a "total whack job" and accusing her of being "on the warpath against traditional Americans.

"An entire cottage industry of trans health care experts also has been created to conduct workshops and get paid handsomely for it. And they do it for businesses scared of lawsuits, and then they're welcomed as speakers at prestigious medical conferences," Ingraham outlined. "Enter Dr. Morissa Ladinsky, an associate professor at the University of Alabama Birmingham. She's described on the school's website as having a research interest in providing affirming care to LGBTQ youth and identified with families in the Deep South, against the kind of faith-based communities."

She continued, "In the Deep South, things are obviously really bad now at the Academy of Pediatrics conference in Anaheim, California recently, she spoke glowingly about trans ideology, and more disturbingly about the bold suicide of a trans girl."

Fox News then aired the clip of Ladinsky, who said at the conference, "In the final days of 2014, a local 16-year-old young lady, Leelah Alcorn, of trans experience, stepped boldly in front of a tractor-trailer, ending her life. Her suicide note, written to post on social media about an hour after her death, went viral, literally around the world. Now Leelah was not my patient, but I took care of hundreds of her classmates at Kings Mills High School. But, each day, on the way to work, I passed that spot where this teen boldly ended her life."

After playing the clip, Ingraham declared, "This woman is a total whack job and on the warpath against traditional Americans. Now, remember, religious Americans are the problem. Trans pioneers? Well, they're the answer. Of course, the AAP doesn't make its videos public. Hmm. Wonder why? Sadly, this is all in line though, with the insanity being streamlined by the administration of the practicing Catholic Joe Biden."

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