It took a presidential pardon by former President Donald Trump to clear General Michael Flynn of an FBI investigation in 2020, and Flynn said the efforts of the federal government to target citizens it disagrees with have only gotten worse.

During a recent episode of "1819 News: The Podcast," Flynn discussed his military career, the power of prayer and how citizens and states need to push back against federal government overreach.

"I'm blessed to be able to continue this struggle and this fight that we do have," Flynn said. "Now it's for the country. Now it's for the survival of America, and I don't say that with hyperbole. I say that with matter of fact… If someone says to you that there's no proof of 'blank,' and you can fill in the blank, just know that there's plenty of proof for all the stuff that we've been through, and they're probably lying to you."

Flynn gave several examples of government scandals being perpetrated on the U.S. populace, such as election fraud, President Joe Biden and his son Hunter's business dealings, the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and the politicization of the Department of Justice.

He put a lot of the responsibility of fighting back against this fifth-generational warfare — warfare waged primarily by manipulating information — on state governors.

"I'll take a shot at your governor; I do think that governors aren't standing up and pushing back on the federal government," he said. "...I hear a lot of talk, but I don't see a lot of action when it comes to governors pushing back on the federal government."

He continued, "Governors need to step up, and you're governor is one of them…Governors are afraid they're going to have bad press in the media. Tough! Tough, I say. Too bad about bad press. You've got to leverage and quit being political and quit being politically correct. Now's not the time to be politically correct; now's the time to be an American patriot and stand up for your damn state and do the right thing and take responsibility and push back on the federal government."

On an individual level, Flynn emphasized the power of prayer and how it got him through his "persecution" by the FBI. He said the least citizens should be doing is praying for their family, community, country and government leaders.

"I tell people that prayer is the most powerful weapons system, and I have no issue with saying that sitting here with you today having this conversation that I am a product of prayer," he said. "… Don't say you have nothing to offer. You can always offer prayer."

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