UPDATE: Spann's accounts were restored Friday afternoon after an over six-hour suspension. Spann said Meta worked with him to fix the mistake.

"We all make mistakes," Spann stated. "I forecast weather, I know about that first hand. I actually have empathy for Meta; it is a very challenging task to keep out bots, scams, threats, etc. on their platforms."

Longtime Alabama meteorologist James Spann's Facebook and Instagram accounts were suspended Friday, leaving his 1.5 million followers on the Meta platforms in the dark.

“Your Facebook account has been suspended,” Meta stated to Spann. “This is because your account, or activity on it, doesn’t follow our Community Standards on fraud and deception."

The ABC 33/40 chief meteorologist uses social media to inform viewers and readers about inclement weather and interesting news around the state. Spann’s news station covers much of the state's center, but he is known nationwide for his WeatherBrains podcast, radio hits, and weather blog.

Spann posted on X asking Meta for help.

“I post weather and photos from followers,” he said. “This morning my Facebook page, profile and Instagram account were taken down. Needless to say a mistake, but I need someone to get these back online.”

In a message, Meta told Spann he had 180 days to take action, or his account would be permanently disabled.

Spann is known in Alabama for his classic suspenders and his "Do you have a plan" campaign.

Spann’s X account, @spann, is still up and running.

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