For as long as anyone living around Sylacauga can remember, there have been rumors of strange goings-on at the museum. It had formerly housed the city library, but more space was needed, so the books all moved, and the old library building became the Isabel Anderson Comer Museum. Only the ghosts and paranormal activities stayed right there.

Well, leave it to the museum operators to get to the bottom of things. They are bringing in a team of "ghost busters" or at least "ghost investigators." They will be in town on February 17 and perform an investigation with you, the public, right there watching and participating.

"No spook, specter or haunt will ever be safe again."

Bet you've never been on a ghost hunt. Well, this is your opportunity.

The site of the investigation, the Comer Museum, is on the main drag through Sylacauga. Broadway. Right next to Sylacauga High School. Right across from the football stadium. It's easy to find for you and for spirits looking for a home to haunt.

The museum's address is even lucky, a lucky place for the spooks to find. 7-11. 711 North Broadway, Sylacauga.

Here is the description of the event from the museum operators:

REAL GHOST HUNT! Do something new and different this year! You’re invited to join this fun, real and interactive paranormal investigation of the Museum as you’re led by the TV Personalities, The Southern Ghost Girls Tours, and Psychic Medium Lesley Ann Hyde! Explore the Museum and its incredible artifacts after dark to see what paranormal phenomenon any of the historic museum pieces render! Finger foods and beverages are included.

This museum has held rumors of phenomena that cannot be explained. From its resident haunted doll Harriett , historic military artifacts, historic school archives, historic 1800’s clothing, to a special exhibit of actor and the late performer Jim Nabors’ personal effects, you will not be disappointed.! There are so many rare, historic artifacts in this museum that Team Leader Lesley Ann Hyde feels it’s one of the most exciting places that she will ever get to investigate. And she and The Team have investigated hundreds of places!

This place is a must if you want to explore the unknown! The Museum holds one of the largest collections and exhibits of archeological and Native American artifacts in the State! From a real Totem Pole, hundreds of arrowheads, to a real Native American Headdress, the historical significance is amazing!! Not to mention that the Museum itself, once a library, was built on land occupying and surrounded by the famous Alabama Marble slabs that made Sylacauga famous as being the “Marble Capital of Alabama”. Marble is a known conduit for paranormal activity.

Be a part of history and join the Southern Ghost Girls Tours as they investigate this location. Everyone Welcome! For more information and ticket options go to...

Ghost Hunt, Paranormal Investigation Comer Museum Sylacauga Tickets, Sat, Feb 17, 2024 at 6:00 PM

"Back off, man. I'm a scientist."

For information on the team conducting the ghost investigation, go here.

"We're ready to believe you."

Jim Zeigler is a former Alabama Public Service Commissioner and State Auditor. You can reach him for comments at [email protected].

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