There are still 12 days left in the qualifying period, but state legislative races are already starting to shape up. There are qualified candidates running for 132 of the 140 seats in the Alabama Legislature.

While members of all three branches of the Alabama government (legislative, executive, and judicial) are elected by the people of Alabama, the legislature is the most representative of the people. Every Alabamian is represented in the state legislature by both an elected state representative as well as a state senator. The Alabama State Senate has 35 members, and the House of Representatives has 105 members. Republicans presently have supermajorities in both houses of the legislature.

Here are the qualified candidates in each State Senate District

District 1: Incumbent Tim Melson (R)   

District 2: Incumbent Tom Butler (R) faces Kim Caudle Lewis (D) in the Nov. 8 general election. 

District 3: Incumbent Arthur Orr (R)     

District 4: Incumbent Garlan Gudger (R)       

District 5: Incumbent Greg J Reed (R) is the current Senate Pro Tem.

District 6: Incumbent Larry Stutts (R)

District 7: Incumbent Sam Givhan (R)

District 8: Incumbent Steve Livingston (R) faces GOP primary challenger Debbie Mathis (R).

District 9: Incumbents Clay Scofield (R) is the current Senate Majority Leader.    

District 10: Incumbent Andrew Jones (R)

District 11: Lance Bell (R)    

District 12: Keith Kelley (R) and Wayne Willis (R) are running for the open seat.

District 13: Incumbent Randy Price(R)

District 14: Incumbent April Weaver (R)

District 15: Incumbent Dan Roberts (R)

District 16: Incumbent J. T. Jabo Waggoner (R)

District 17: Incumbent Shay Shelnutt (R)

District 18: Incumbent Rodger M. Smitherman (D)   

District 19: State Rep. Louise "LuLu" Alexander (D) and State Rep. Merika Coleman (D) are running for the open seat.       

District 20: Incumbent Linda Coleman-Madison (D)  

District 21: Incumbent Gerald Allen (R) faces GOP primary challenger Tripp Powell (R) and general election challenger Lisa Ward (D).

District 22: Incumbent Greg Albritton (R)

District 23:                

District 24: Incumbent Bobby Singleton (D) is the current Senate Minority Leader.       

District 25: Incumbent Will Barfoot (R)

District 26: Incumbent Kirk Hatcher (D)          

District 27: Incumbent Tom Whatley (R) faces a GOP primary challenge from Jay Hovey (R)

District 28: Incumbent Billy Beasley (D)          

District 29: Incumbent Donnie Chesteen (R)    

District 30  Incumbent Clyde Chambliss, Jr. (R)

District 31: Josh Carnley (R), Stormin Norman Horton (R), and State Rep. Mike Jones, Jr. (R) are all running in the GOP primary for the open seat.

District 32: Incumbent Chris Elliott (R)   

District 33: Incumbent Vivian Davis Figures (D)

District 34: Incumbent Jack Williams (R)

District 35: Incumbent David Sessions (R)

In the Alabama House of Representatives, these are currently the qualified candidates.       

District 1: Incumbent Phillip Pettus (R)

District 2: Jason Spencer Black (R), Kimberly Butler (R), and Terrance L. Irelan (R) are all competing in the Republican primary.

District 3: Fred Joly (R) and Kerry “Bubba” Underwood (R) are running in the Republican primary. The winner will face Wesley Thompson (D) in the general election.

District 4: Sheila Banister (R) and Patrick Johnson (R) are challenging incumbent Parker Duncan Moore (R) in the Republican primary.

District 5: Incumbent Danny F Crawford (R)

District 6: Incumbent Andy Whitt (R)

District 7: Incumbent Proncey D. Robertson (R) faces Mose Jones Jr (D) in the general election. 

District 8: Incumbent Terri Collins (R)

District 9: Incumbent Scott Stadthagen (R)

District 10: David Cole (R)

District 11: Incumbent Randall Shedd (R)

District 12: Incumbent Corey Harbison (R)

District 13: Greg Barnes (R), Keith Davis (R), Charlie Waits (R), and Matt Woods (R)

District 14: Cory Franks (R) and Tom Fredricks (R) are challenging incumbent Tim Wadsworth (R).  

District 15: Michael Hart (R), Leigh Hulsey (R), and Brad Tompkins (R) are running in the GOP primary for the open seat.

District 16: Incumbent Kyle South (R)

District 17: Incumbent Tracy Estes (R)

District 18: Incumbent Jamie Kiel (R)

District 19: Incumbent Laura Hall (D)     

District 20: James Lomax (R) and Frances Taylor (R) are running in the Republican primary.

District 21: Incumbent Rex Reynolds (R)

District 22: Incumbent Ritchie Whorton (R)

District 23: Incumbent Tommy Hanes (R) faces challenger Mike Kirkland (R) in the Republican primary.

District 24: Incumbent Nathaniel Ledbetter (R) is the current House Majority Leader.

District 25: Buck Clemons (R) and Phillips K. Rigsby (R) are running in the Republican primary.    

District 26: Brock Colvin (R) and Todd Mitchem (R) are running in the Republican primary.   

District 27: Wes Kitchens (R)

District 28: Former State Rep. Mack N Butler (R) is challenging Incumbent Gil F. Isbell (R) in the Republican primary.

District 29: Mark A. Gidley (R) and Jamie W Grant (R) are running in the Republican primary.

District 30: Incumbent Craig Lipscomb (R)      

District 31: R.T. Barksdale (R), Chadwick Smith (R), and Troy B. Stubbs (R) are running in the Republican primary.

District 32: Incumbent Barbara Bigsby Boyd (D)      

District 33: Incumbent Ben Robbins (R)

District 34: Incumbent David Standridge (R)

District 35: Incumbent Steve Hurst (R)

District 36: Incumbent Randy Wood (R)

District 37: Incumbent Bob Fincher (R)

District 38: Micah J. Messer (R) is challenging incumbent Debbie Hamby Wood (R) in the GOP primary.

District 39: Incumbent Ginny Shaver (R)

District 40: Julie Borrelli (R) Katie Exum (R), Chad Robertson (R), and Jakob Williamson (R) are running in the Republican primary. The winner will face Pam Ward (D) in the general election.

District 41: Incumbent Corley Ellis (R)

District 42: Van Smith (R)

District 43: Incumbent Arnold Mooney (R)

District 44: Incumbent Danny Garrett (R)

District 45: Dickie Drake (R)

District 46: Incumbent David L Faulkner (R)

District 47: Incumbent David Wheeler (R) faces Christian Coleman (D) in the general election.

District 48: Incumbent Jim Carns (R) faces William C. Wentowski (R) in the GOP primary.

District 49: Incumbent Russell Bedsole (R)

District 50: Incumbent Jim Hill (R)

District 51: Incumbent Allen Treadaway (R)

District 52: Incumbent John W. Rogers Jr. (D) 

District 53: Incumbent Anthony Daniels (D) is the current House Minority Leader  

District 54: Incumbent Neil Rafferty (D) is being challenged by Edward Maddox (D) in the Democratic primary.

District 55: Travis Hendrix (D) and Fred "Coach" Plump (D) are running in the Democratic primary.   

District 56: Tereshia Huffman (D), Cleo King (D), and Ontario J. Tillman (D) are running in the Democratic primary.       

District 57: Kevin "K.D." Dunn (D) and Danielle Lewis Matthews (D) are running in the Democratic primary.   

District 59: Incumbent Mary Moore (D)   

District 60: Incumbent Juandalynn Givan (D) faces a primary challenge from Nina Taylor (D).

District 61: Ron Bolton (R)   

District 62: Bill Lamb (R)      

District 63: Incumbent Cynthia Lee Almond (R)

District 64: Donna Givens (R)

District 65:         

District 66: Incumbent Alan Baker (R)

District 67: Larine Irby Pettway (D)

District 68: Incumbent Thomas E. "Action" Jackson (D)

District 69:         

District 70: Incumbent Christopher John England (D) is the current Chairman of the Alabama Democratic Party.  

District 71: Incumbent Artis (AJ) McCampbell (D)

District 72: Incumbent Ralph A Howard (D) faces a Democratic primary challenge from Curtis L Travis (D).          

District 73: Incumbent Kenneth Paschal (R)    

District 74: Incumbent Charlotte Meadows (R) is in a general election contest with Phillip Ensler (D).

District 75: Incumbent Reed Ingram (R)

District 76: Incumbent Patrice "Penni" McClammy (D)

District 77: Incumbent TaShina Morris (D)

District 78: Incumbent Kenyatté Hassell (D)            

District 79: Incumbent Joe Lovvorn (R)

District 80: Incumbent Chris E. Blackshear (R)

District 81: Incumbent Ed Oliver (R)

District 82: Incumbent Pebblin Walker Warren faces a Democratic primary battle from former State Rep. Johnny Ford (D) and Terrence Kareem Johnson (D).

District 83 

District 84: Incumbent Berry Forte (D)

District 85: Incumbent Dexter Grimsley (D)     

District 86: Incumbent Paul W. Lee (R)

District 87: Incumbent Jeff Sorrells (R)

District 88: Jerry Starnes (R)

District 89: Marcus B. Paramore (R)

District 90: Incumbent Chris Sells (R)

District 91: Incumbent Rhett Marques (R)

District 92: Matthew Hammett (R) and Greg White (R) are in the GOP primary.     

District 93: Incumbent Steve Clouse (R)

District 94: Incumbent Joe Faust (R)

District 95: Frances Holk-Jones (R) is in a general election battle with Richard Brackner (D).

District 96: Incumbent Matt Simpson (R)

District 97: Incumbent Adline Clarke (D)         

District 98: Incumbent Napoleon Bracy, Jr      

District 99: Incumbent Sam Jones (D)    

District 100: Mark Shirey (R)

District 101:        

District 102:        

District 103: Incumbent Barbara Drummond (D)

District 104: Incumbent Margie Wilcox (R)

District 105: Incumbent Chip Brown (R)

This is simply a list of qualified candidates and does not include announced candidates who have not yet qualified. Qualifying for both major parties continues through Jan. 28 and ends at 5 p.m. that day.

Independent and minor party candidates have until May 24 to qualify for ballot access, but they must have signed petitions from registered voters in the jurisdiction in which they are running. Contact the Alabama Secretary of State's office for more information.

For more information about qualifying with the Alabama Republican Party

For more information about qualifying with the Alabama Democratic Party

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