FOLEY — There is a nationwide call to boycott Planet Fitness after members became aware of a policy allowing men in women's bathrooms. With stock and memberships dropping from the gym, one Alabama man believes the policy is part of a much bigger and ugly picture.

The policy is to allow transgender members to use restrooms with the gender in which they identify.

While Planet Fitness calls itself a "Judgement Free Zone," former gym member Jeff Patton of Foley told 1819 News he didn't realize that included the bathrooms.

"Well, I always presumed that it meant, 'Hey, we're not going to judge how your level of physical fitness is," Patton said. "When I saw that it was like, 'You're misusing your own logo and misled people because that's not how I took it when I saw that."

The non-discrimination policy specifically mentions restrooms and locker rooms where people change clothes.

"All members will have access to restroom and locker room facilities that correspond to their self-reported gender identity to the extent permitted by applicable law," the policy states. "… At Planet Fitness, we celebrate and champion diversity and provide an environment where everyone feels accepted, respected and like they belong. Planet Fitness prohibits discrimination and harassment that is based on gender identity or gender expression in the workplace and in our clubs."

Furthermore, anyone who violates this policy can have their membership terminated. In fact, an Alaska woman had her membership terminated after voicing concern over a man in the women's locker room who was shaving his legs in front of a child.

Patton said he joined Planet Fitness in Foley three months ago because it's so cheap. For only $10 a month, members get 24/7 access to the gym. But when he found out about the policy, he wanted to look into it more. His concern was the safety of women.

"I think it popped up on my phone in a news article," Patton explained. "So, I read into it and saw that not only is it there, but they kept standing behind their no judgment zone policy.

With concerns over allowing men into the women's restroom, locker room and shower area, Patton decided to go to the Foley location and cancel his membership.

"I think that that's a danger for women because if you get a predator, somebody that is evil in nature," he said. "That's a problem. If they go into the women's locker room, they could stalk women. It's just opening the door for problems. I mean, it's not right. That's why it says women on one door and men on another door."

Several stories have been shared on social media, and word about the policy is getting around. There is even a petition being circulated online. However, Patton doesn't see a mass exodus of Planet Fitness happening. He said because of the low prices, people will decide to stay and "go with their wallets instead of their morals."

"I'd be willing to bet that it'll be temporary," Patton added. "And that's what you're seeing is a lot of these larger companies like Target almost know like, 'OK we're gonna take a hit for a while but eventually there are too many people that love us and eventually the dust will settle."

Patton believes this policy is just another part of a much bigger problem going on in the world.

"When it comes down to it, it's good versus evil," he said. "Every single thing you see going wrong in our country and really in the world is everything that God doesn't want us to do. Every single thing that has to do with what our Lord set up for humanity is being attacked because Satan hates God and that's what it comes down to."

"It's all agenda-driven," he continued. "All of it is globalist driven to tear the country down because you can't move to the new world order with America being successful. America has to fail on every level everywhere."

Planet Fitness policy states that if there is serious doubt about someone's transgender status, team members can articulate those concerns. If the issue isn't resolved, the gym can ask the member to leave or terminate their membership. However, Patton said at the Foley location, he was told they could not stop anyone from entering the women's restroom.

1819 News reached out to Planet Fitness in Foley to ask about the policy but was told they would not be able to provide a statement at this time.

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