Bryan Taylor, a Republican candidate for Alabama's open seat for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, announced his first media buy on Thursday. Taylor recently secured the endorsement of the Alabama Forestry Association and Alabama Realtors. Two groups that, when they want to, have the ability to spend large sums of money to support a candidate.

The 30-second ad highlights Taylor's military service conservative judicial philosophy, and underscores his commitment to applying the law as written and upholding the Constitution.

“I’m the only conservative in this race. I’m the only candidate not bankrolled by liberal special interests who want to influence our courts. We have too many liberal judges in the country. We don’t need another one as chief justice here in Alabama. As a military prosecutor I protected our freedoms in Iraq and as chief justice I’ll protect our constitutional freedoms here at home,” stated Taylor.

In the ad, Taylor says, "I’ll follow the law as written and never legislate from the bench." This has become a hot topic issue nationally. It gained its most fame with Trump's first campaign and his commitment to appoint judges and justices on the federal bench and U.S. Supreme Court that will follow the Constitution as it is written.

The issue has been additionally shown by the most recent ruling of Colorado's Supreme Court to remove Trump from their ballot. Arguments challenging the ruling and the opposition were heard in front of the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday, and attorneys in favor of Trump's removal were grilled by several of the Justices.

The ad’s release comes just days after Taylor received the endorsement of the Alabama Forestry Association, one of the state’s most influential conservative business groups. In recent weeks, Taylor has also been endorsed by the Alabama Realtors Association, the national Eagle Forum, State House Public Safety Committee Chairman Allen Treadaway, and highly respected veteran Republican prosecutors David Barber of Jefferson County and Randall Houston of Autauga, Elmore, and Chilton Counties.

According to the most recent FCPA financial filings, Bryan Taylor has $66,000 in the bank to start February. However, neither the Alabama Forestry Association nor the Alabama Realtors Association is to be taken lightly. Forestry has $325,000 cash on hand but has a history of being able to raise large amounts of money extremely quickly and put it to work in campaigns. Additionally, the Realtors Association maintains a significant war chest at all times. They currently have $2.6 million cash on hand, and they have also been known to invest significantly.

Stewart had $567,000 cash on hand. She has major backing from the trial lawyers, who also have the ability to raise major amounts of contributions quickly and put them into use. In these judicial races, money plays a major part, but how it is spent strategically plays a large role as well.

Taylor is an Iraq war Veteran, former military prosecutor, and retired Army Judge Advocate. Taylor is a co-founding member of the law firm of Bachus Brom & Taylor, where he concentrates his practice in Constitutional law, appeals, election law, business law and litigation, and public policy. Taylor has served as a legal counsel to the Alabama Republican Party and two Republican governors, most recently as chief legal advisor to Governor Kay Ivey. He is also a former conservative Republican member of the Alabama State Senate. He and his three children live in Shelby County and attend Double Oak Community Church.

The Republican primary election is March 5.

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