Gov. Kay Ivey announced on Friday the unveiling of a modernized driver license system that she believes will provide significant improvements for both citizens and driver license personnel across the state. The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) Driver License System, known as LEADS, has existed for nearly two decades. Ivey believes that the upgrade will completely revitalize the current system.

The system will require a massive influx of new hardware and software in all driver license offices across the state.

“This new system will consolidate multiple legacy systems into one integrated, modern system to further protect our citizens’ data and enhance customer service,” Ivey said. “I am proud of ALEA’s dedication to complete this crucial and extensive task to positively impact all citizens.”

ALEA Secretary Hal Taylor believes that the update will bring better service from ALEA.

“LEADS is a tangible example of ALEA’s continued focus on improving customer service, communication and technology to effectively achieve the Agency’s mission of providing quality service for all," said Taylor. "We are excited to join Gov. Ivey in this announcement, and we would like to thank her and all members of the legislature for continuously supporting our agency and providing us with the necessary resources to complete such a monumental and historic project for the state of Alabama.”

To install the new system and new hardware, Driver License Offices statewide must close beginning Monday, April 18, with plans to reopen Tuesday, April 26In addition to the new hardware, tremendous amounts of data received since 1970 will be converted into LEADS. While offices will be closed temporarily to the public and online services will not be available during the transition period, ALEA Examiners will continue to administer Class D and CDL Road Skills Tests. County offices will remain open but strictly for revenue and probate services.

Once LEADS goes live, citizens will have access to a variety of new options and such enhanced services as allowing individuals to pre-apply for the Alabama Driver License and enter all necessary information before visiting a local office. Once LEADS goes live, ALEA will offer an expanded online service.

Those services include:

  • Ability to update their addresses

  • Ability to pay and reinstate their licenses

  • Ability to upload U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) Medical Cards

  • Ability to view Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) Hazmat background checks

  • Ability to issue duplicate licenses to eligible foreign nationals

  • Ability to pre-apply for individuals who are requesting an Alabama License for the first time

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