By Brandon Moseley

Democratic candidate for governor Chad “Chig” Martin said that as governor, all of his medical decisions on the pandemic or other health crisis would be based on the advice of Alabama doctors and nurses and would be science based.

Following President Joseph R. Biden’s (D) recent address outlining his COVID-19 Winter Action Plan, Martin shared his views with 1819 News about how he would address the global pandemic as governor.

“I would have eight regions represented by a practicing doctor and nurse,” said Martin. “Each nurse and doctor would be required to have practiced in their region for 10 years. This would be a voluntary position so that money and politics are not involved. At the end of each quarter, these doctors and nurses would meet via Zoom/Skype etc. to discuss the situation in their respective regions.”

Martin said that two times per year the state would pay for the members of this medical advisory board to travel to meet with the Governor for a half-day, in-person conference.

“All decisions that would be made by me will be at the advice of medical professionals,” Martin said.

Martin said that he has personally taken the COVID-19 shot and has received the booster shot.

“I will always encourage Alabamians to get the vaccine shot so that we can knock this virus out once and for all,” Martin said. “I have taken many vaccines throughout my life and I see no difference in this one. I have had the first two shots and the booster. I have also had the flu shot. I have not had any problems personally.

“Unfortunately, conspiracy theories and politics have derailed logic based on medical science,” Martin said. “I will never require any Alabamian to do anything in regards to their own body. That is each citizen's decision. I will, however, lead by example and follow ... proven medical science that is working and saving lives.

“In regards to federal mandates, the federal government is in full control of all decisions based on federal workers and contractors to the federal government,” Martin stated. “At the end of the day, the feds make these decisions. I believe that every American has the freedom to make their own choices on personal health issues. Your health is a personal choice and that will always be respected by my administration.”

Some 4,770 people have tested positive for the coronavirus in the last week and 432 Alabamians are currently in hospitals dealing with COVID-19 complications.

“After more than two years, this disease is still overcrowding our hospitals,” Martin said. “Politics has nothing to with it, but vaccines are saving lives.”

The Democratic primary is on May 24, 2022.

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