Several family members who attended a Dothan drag show held at a Lutheran church had a gun pulled on them by an attendant after they were forced out of the venue.

The Second Annual Mr. and Mrs. South Alabama Pride Drag Pageant was held Friday night at the Triumphant Cross Lutheran Church in Dothan. The event was advertised as an open event with a judged event to crown a champion in the two categories.

"Emily," a local, saw signs advertising the event a few days prior and attempted to enter the event with her two brothers on Friday night.

She told 1819 News that her father had previously contacted the sheriff regarding possibly protesting the event and was told he needed a permit. The group attended the event to see if any children attended or were featured in any drag performances.

The group videoed the venue and attempted to enter the event to see the proceedings, which Emily said were essentially concluded at that point. In the video, children are seen at the event, and other children are seen leaving.

Child leaving church drag event Alabama News

After the group entered the sanctuary, they were swiftly accosted by several individuals who appeared to be organizers. Several people told the group to leave and attempted to block their cameras.

One woman yelled, “Bye, Bye. We have no room for negativity,” and then ironically called the brother and sister pair “Karen” and “Jethro”.

When the group began to leave the church, a young black male, who can be seen leaving the church in the above video, approached them, demanding they delete the footage. In the video, he can be seen reaching his hand into a fanny pack slung around his shoulder. Emily said the man was grasping a handgun.

The man with the gun was ushered off by someone while another man exclaimed, “Y’all came to the wrong place to start shit.” The group left amidst a torrent of yelling and cursing.

"Emily," said they left without informing law enforcement.  

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