A series of shootings have plagued a Montgomery neighborhood over the last three weeks.

Sheridan Heights is a neighborhood on the north side of Montgomery and is home to many military retirees. Montgomery City Councilor Marche Johnson grew up in Sheridan Heights. Johnson told the Montgomery Advertiser that her neighbors said the gunfire sounded like it was coming from automatic weapons.

Johnson is an Army veteran, having served three tours overseas.

"No one wants to go work a nine-to-five… paying their taxes for their property, buying their home, and have to duck and dodge bullets from people that cannot resolve their conflict,” Johnson said.

Some reported that the gunfire is happening behind the homes of Sheridan Heights residents, several of whom are elderly. 

Johnson said she looks forward to meeting with the new Montgomery Police Department (MPD) commander, Darryl Albert, who was previously employed in New Orleans. She hopes to discuss some of the issues in her neighborhood.

Johnson said Montgomery police leaders told her that the shootings are related to an argument “between friends” in the subdivisions surrounding Sheridan Heights. 

Police said they are currently investigating the shootings and working diligently to identify those involved.

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