Tiger Jake, an Auburn football legend in his own right, is missing, and his owner is desperately searching.

A $1,000 reward is offered to anyone who can find the 12-year-old white Maltese.

Tiger Jake’s owner, Ron Sanford, told 1819 News the dog was last seen Friday inside a screened-in porch. Sanford said he searched the area and saw no signs of Tiger Jake. He hopes someone picked him up because the dog is microchipped and has an identification tag.

“We looked all in the woods and there was nothing so that’s why I think someone got him,” Sanford said. “He usually would come back but not this time. We looked everywhere.”

Sanford said he lives in the Pelham area near Mallard Pointe and Hunter’s Glen.

Tiger Jake gained SEC notoriety after seven years of being “The Tiger Dog.”

Sanford had him dyed to look like a miniature tiger, and the dog greeted fans at Auburn games. Although he retired after seven years, Sanford said Tiger Jake still went to games, and at the time of his disappearance, he had an orange tail and ears.

“The last game he went to was the Ole Miss game,” Sanford added. “He was always with me. He is my service dog because my balance is off. He goes everywhere with me.”

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