Conservative advocacy group Heritage Action for America accused U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville's (R-Auburn) colleagues in the Senate of failing to support him in his battle against a Department of Defense (DOD) abortion policy.

Tuberville, a Senate Armed Services Committee member, held President Joe Biden's DOD nominations from when the policy was implemented without congressional approval nine months ago until earlier this week following the passage of a resolution from the Senate rules committee that would allow lawmakers to bypass the hold. 

The DOD policy in question offers service members up to three weeks of leave and transportation allowances to travel to get an abortion in states where it's legal.

Tuberville's hold slowed Biden's efforts to fill DOD positions without a formal Senate vote. Tuberville clarified earlier this year that his hold did not stop all nominees from being confirmed but prevented the Senate from confirming them in large swaths instead of individually.

Nevertheless, the move has earned Tuberville considerable backlash from Democrats and some Republican colleagues who suggested the senator was hindering the federal government's ability to provide for national security.

When Tuberville announced that he would release his hold on Tuesday, he expressed concern that Senate Democrats would win over at least nine Republicans necessary for the rules committee resolution to pass. 

Heritage Action president Dr. Kevin Roberts said in a statement to the press that pro-life Americans are grateful for Tuberville's efforts and urged lawmakers to defund the DOD policy via the upcoming national defense budget.

"While many in [Washington, D.C.] are content to continue business as usual, even if that means illegally paying to send American babies to their death, Sen. Tuberville refused," Roberts said. "He refused to acquiesce to a politicized Department of Defense that demanded pay raises and promotions while they turned against America and the rule of law. He refused to abandon unborn children in favor of unelected bureaucrats. He refused to give into the status quo and turn against America's grassroots who demanded a senator with a spine."

"Unfortunately, Sen. Tuberville was abandoned and undermined by his colleagues for the legitimate use of Senate procedures to say 'no," he continued. "The same senators who claim the mantle of tradition and Senate norms worked with the Left, threatening to destroy decades-old rules governing promotions rather than force Schumer to back down and vote one-by-one on these promotions."

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