Americans from all sides of the political divides joined hands today to pay tribute to U.S. service members who invaded Nazi-dominated Europe 80 years ago on D-Day. June 6, 1944 — a day that will live in history. It was the largest seaborne/airborne invasion in world history. It worked, after terrific fighting, much loss of life and many seriously wounded. D-Day was the opening day of the liberation of Europe from Nazi occupation and the preservation of Christian civilization.

However, one American politician took her remarks one step further. Former Democrat nominee for President (2016), former Secretary of State, former U.S. Senator, and former First Lady Hillary Clinton tried to use D-Day to her political advantage, saying that democracy is at risk the same as it was then.

“Eighty years ago today, thousands of brave Americans fought to protect democracy on the shores of Normandy," Clinton posted on X. "This November, all we have to do is vote.”

Alabama conservative activist Jessica Taylor, a business owner of and a former candidate for Congress, replied to Hillary's post:

“This is a disgusting comparison. She should be ashamed.”

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