Author and critic Dr. James Lindsay recently shared a Hoover High School reading assignment arguing that magic is marginalized because of patriarchy and xenophobia. 

Lindsay also shared a tweet from the teacher, Josh Flores, about pulling tarot cards in church.

"This genius teacher in Birmingham, AL, who apparently thinks I'm a bad person, thought church would be a good place to pull tarot and teaching kids witchcraft in public schools would be a creative lesson plan," Lindsay posted on X/Twitter. "He has confessed to doing this, so it's real."

The assignment, written by astrologist Lisa Stardust, suggests that magic is "not just a trend, but a way of life." It defines magic as "creating change by connecting with the energies of nature at will."

"In modern times, witches are a symbol of power — those who can see beyond the superficialities of the universe and embrace the four elements of the world (earth, air, fire and water) to help make declarations surrounding desires and passions, as well as liberation from the restraints to society," the assignment stated.

It continued, "Beyond the obvious fear of the unknown making magic is marginalized, magic is extra [explicitive] because the patriarchy frowns upon it. This is perhaps due to xenophobia, religious concern and weariness of people who challenge society's core beliefs … The fear of witches is hedged in the patriarchal society's fear of giving political, mystical, healing and sexual power to those [who] do not fit in the cisgender male status quo." 

According to Lindsay, the assignment came from a local activist who is a teacher at Hoover High School. Though Flores' Twitter bio claims he is a "stay-at-home Dad," 1819 News verified he is an English teacher at the high school using Hoover High School's staff directory.

A Hoover City Schools spokeswoman said the matter was being investigated.

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