The Alabama House of Representatives on Thursday passed legislation clarifying that Emergency Management Agencies across Alabama do provide public safety services.

House Bill 3 is sponsored by State Rep. Allen Treadaway (R-Morris).

Treadaway explained that the EMA does provide emergency public safety services to Alabamians.

“This will allow them to obtain federal dollars,” Treadaway said.

Treadaway said that the current definition in Alabama law is preventing EMA from obtaining some of the federal public safety dollars that similar agencies in other states are able to get.

“Emergency Management Agencies cannot get certain federal dollars because of the definition in state law,” Treadaway said. “This changes that.”

Treadaway is a retired Assistant Police Chief for the City of Birmingham.

State Rep. Juandalynn Givan (D-Birmingham) said, “This is a good bill. I have a great passion for the emergency management area.”

“We have walked through those same streets together following the tornados,” Givan said.

According to the synopsis, “Existing law has established the Alabama Emergency Management Agency and provides for emergency management in this state. This bill would clarify that emergency management personnel provide public safety services.”

There was some confusion among the members about this bill and another bill addressed earlier in the week dealing with EMS (Emergency Management Services).

“Those are separate agencies,” Treadaway explained.

Treadaway chairs the House Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee.

HB3 passed the Alabama House of Representatives on a 99 to 0 vote.

The bill now goes to the State Senate for their consideration. It has been assigned to the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee.

Thursday was day nine of the 2022 Alabama Regular Legislative Session. The 1901 Constitution limits the legislature to no more than 30 legislative days in a 120-calendar day period.

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