A Huntsville father’s incensed social media post is going viral after discovering a worker at Huntsville’s U.S. Space and Rocket Center Space Camp is a biological man with a colorful social media.  

A Facebook post from Huntsville-based Clay Yarbrough that has circulated around social media states that Yarbrough was planning on sending his daughter to space camp before discovering that a self-identified transgender individual, Molly Bowman, would act as team lead and a hall monitor in the girls’ dormitories.

The post eventually blew up, getting shared thousands of times across the platform.

Yarbrough also showed screenshots that appear to be from Bowman’s Twitter page. The page is private. However, screenshots from the Twitter page contain pictures of Bowman in space camp regalia, along with a lot of sexual commentary.

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Yarbrough told 1819 News he was planning to send his daughter to the space camp when Bowman’s identity was revealed. Yarbrough claimed he heard stories from other parents, who claimed that Bowman had access to female floors in previous camps.

“All I thought was that [Bowman] was a hall monitor, but then I heard that he had walked into the girl's room,” Yarbrough told 1819 News. “I thought that was extreme; I wouldn’t think that kind of thing would happen at space camp.”

In a recorded conversation between Yarbrough and Space Camp vice president Robin Soprano, Bowman was confirmed as an employee and that Bowman would have access to the girls' floor. Through the nearly nine-minute conversation, Soprano gave evasive answers to Yarbrough’s questions.

During the call, Soprano stated that there are specifically male and female floors but continued to give evasive answers when explicitly asked about Bowman’s level of access.

Partial transcript as follows:

SOPRANO: “I have only females that go to the female floor.”

YARBROUGH: “Is that specific person allowed to go to the female floor? If they identify as a female, are they allowed on that floor?”

SOPRANO: “Sir, these are not questions that we can ask our staff specifically in the way that you’re asking them. I can assure you that we are following all the state and federal laws.”

Yarbrough further asked unambiguously, “Is Molly Bowman allowed on female floors?”

“I have an employee by the name that you have stated; that’s as much as I can share with you right now” Soprano responded.

When Yarbrough pressed further, Soprano doubled down on declining to answer precisely.

“I am just telling you that I’m not going to give you specifics about any employees,” Soprano stated.

Bowman’s Twitter page is replete with sexualized content, along with photos of him in his space camp regalia with the caption, “Butch coded space queer.”

WARNING: Graphic language

Bowman’s LinkedIn page describes his role at the space camp as facilitating “hands-on space-themed educational experiences for campers aged 9-18. I collaborate with diverse teams to develop and execute space-related curriculum, aligning activities with camp goals and educational standards.”

Soprano did not immediately respond to 1819 News’ request for comment on Bowman or his role at the space camp.

The Facebook post grabbed the attention of U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) and U.S. Reps. Dale Strong (R-Monrovia), Gary Palmer (R-Hoover) and Robert Aderholt (R-Haleyville).

In a statement provided to 1819 News, Strong called for Bowman's removal while the center conducted a safety review.

"The U.S. Space and Rocket Center has long been a champion in promoting a science-based education in North Alabama," Strong said. "As an educational institution for our nation’s children, it is critical that it put their safety and wellbeing first. I call on the Center to immediately remove this individual and open a safety review to consider the potential harm and damages they have inadvertently caused children."

Aderholt said that, while the Space Camp was not in his district, many of his constituents attend regularly.

Palmer called the situation at the Rocket Center "unacceptable."

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