Huntsville Fire and Rescue (HFR) turns 200 years old today, and it’s celebrating the occasion by expanding its workforce.

Last Thursday, the HFR was joined by the Huntsville Firefighters Association, Local 1833, to commemorate the milestone anniversary with an official proclamation.

HFR has gone through many changes since it was established Dec. 10, 1822, and now Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle announced during his recent State of the City address it would be adding 22 new firetrucks, 19 new firefighter positions, and a new station to keep up with the growth of the rest of the city.

fire truck Alabama News
One of Huntsville Fire and Rescue's new fire engines. (Facbook/Pierce Manufacturing)

"We have to plan ahead. We are looking as far ahead as we can," 39-year veteran Chief Howard McFarland said, according to WAAY31. "... We are building a new station out west that will be called Station 20, and we are putting more staff as we try to keep up."

From starting with horse-and-buggy ladder trucks to now using state-of-the-art fire engineers and rescue technology, McFarland said HFR is committed to keeping up with times and its devotion to keeping the public safe.

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