Last month, Huntsville topped the U.S. News 2022-2023 "Best Place to Live" rankings, besting Colorado Springs, Colo. and Green Bay, Wisc.

Huntsville was buoyed by quality of life and affordability metrics. However, according to Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle, there are still areas needing improvement.

During an interview with Mobile radio FM Talk 106.5's "The Jeff Poor Show" on Friday, Battle said his administration was taking a "what have you done for us lately approach" with the hope of recruiting business to the Rocket City.

"It's been a 14-year journey doing this," Battle said. "We have been working for the past 14 years that I have been mayor and putting all the pieces in place, on everything from infrastructure to downtown development to parks and quality of life items, greenways, places to work out, swimming facilities, running facilities. All of it ties together, and all of it ties together in kind of the fabric of making a community a good community. And we've been working on it for, as I said, the past 14 years. I think one of the things this does -- it kind of validates where we've been, what we've done.

"I tell our people we've won it, but once you win it, it's in the history books, so now we've got to work on next year. ‘What have you done for us lately?' is the way I think a lot of people kind of look at it. We're working on how do we improve for next year? How do we make ourselves a little bit better every day? If you do that, the accolades come, the business comes, and everything you're looking for comes to a city. The only way to do that is to try to get better every day and try to make sure your processes are good processes so that you're keeping an affordable city, that you have a good education system, that you have all the things people are looking for when they move to a community."

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