A social media post has gone viral after nurses were seen walking to work Monday after hazardous road conditions left them stranded.

Travionne Ja’Nae posted photos on Facebook after her truck got stuck on the way to work. She caught up with other nurses, and they walked together for nearly four miles. In the Facebook post, she said she did what she had to do to get to her patients, and she doesn’t want a raise or bonus for going the extra mile.

“I took a nursing oath for a reason,” she stated. “I love my CAREER, & God always favors me. I’m good y’all I promise.”

Just a few hours after the post was made, it had over 7,000 reactions and over 3,000 shares.

Nurses were not the only ones stranded Monday night. U.S. Highway 431 was backed up for hours, and multiple drivers decided to take a hike instead of waiting it out in their vehicles.

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As of Tuesday morning, roadways were improving, but Huntsville Police asked drivers to use caution and to watch for black ice.

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