The Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) announced the re-arrest of a man recently released early from prison as part of the state’s Release to Mandatory Supervision process.

Paul Alan Brown was one of three arrested on February 10, just 10 days after his release.

ADOC said Brown, Emmanuel Jamal Olds and Javonte Simons were charged with trespassing and promoting prison contraband first and second degree. Brown faces an additional charge of distribution of a controlled substance.

Investigators said Brown was driving a Cadillac Escalade that Olds and Simons were dropped off from at the Limestone Correctional Facility (LCF). The Cadillac was pulled over, and the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office responded. Evidence was discovered, leading law enforcement to believe Brown was involved, and he was arrested. All three were booked into the Limestone County Jail.

“These arrests are indicative of the good working relationship between the ADOC and local law enforcement,” the ADOC stated in a press release. “The staff of ADOC works hard to strike the delicate balance of public safety, security of staff and inmates, and enforcement of the law.”

According to court documents, drugs introduced into the prison included fentanyl, marijuana, crack cocaine and methamphetamine. Brown is also accused of tossing a cell phone over the fence at the prison.

More charges are expected.

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