Some groups have their sights set on Alabama to pass Medicaid expansion in the near future.

According to a report in the New York Times on Monday, 10 states — all with divided or Republican leadership, and most of them in the South — have yet to expand Medicaid, and "advocates say they now have their sights set on Alabama, where Gov. Kay Ivey, a Republican, can expand her state's program with her own authority."

Last Wednesday, members of the Alabama House Health Committee met to discuss the uninsured population in the state.

House Health Committee chairman State Rep. Paul Lee (R-Dothan) said at the meeting that he "felt that it was important to have an informational meeting about those that are uninsured in the state."

"We are not here proposing anything," Lee said. "We are not going to be hearing a pitch of any sort, but I am a believer that it's impossible to fix a problem and find a solution unless you understand exactly what the problem is."

Danne Howard, deputy director of the Alabama Hospital Association, said at the meeting that "we are looking at different options for an Alabama-driven solution, not a standard something that is just out there but something that would be right for the state of Alabama."

"The right plan. Affordable. At a later time, we hope to be able to come back to you after working with the administration and others to try to see if there is a way this can be done," Howard added. "We want to come back and have an opportunity to talk about something that might be palatable and something that might be accomplishable."

Republican state legislators in Alabama have previously been reluctant to expand the program due to the state and federal expansion costs.

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