The Asbury revival in Kentucky has been making its way through the hearts and souls of Christians throughout the country and the world. That was no different for three pastors of an Alabama church. They were so inspired that they made the trip from Trussville, Alabama, to Kentucky to experience the revival firsthand.

ClearBranch Methodist Church lead pastor Vaughn Stafford and associate pastors Jeremy Auvill and Mark Harvard had already held a small group gathering at their church to pray for the continuous revival, which has been gaining national attention.

"We just prayed over these kids," said Harvard. "It really came down to, if a revival is going to happen, it's going to be with that age group. It just makes sense that the influencers of our culture would do this."

After a few days, Harvard said the men felt the need to be a part of history. They left Friday at 6 a.m. and arrived in Kentucky that afternoon. They waited in a line for three hours in near-freezing weather.

"People were talking back and forth in line and singing," Harvard remembered. "We shared our stories and got to know people. As we got closer and closer, we could hear some of the praise and worship of what was going on inside. But there was already a vibe, and you could tell that everyone was there for the right reason."

Harvard was prepared to enter the building, and once his group finally got inside, they were moved by the spirit.

"We came in, and man," He explained. "They had bands and groups singing different kinds of music. One group had an incredible keyboardist, and they were just amazing. After that, a Hispanic couple got up there doing old-school stuff like "Open the Eyes of My Heart and "I Surrender All."

And surrendering hearts was exactly what everyone in the auditorium was doing, Harvard added.

"That's actually the one that got me," said Harvard. I had to sit down for a minute, and I just sat there and prayed. The biggest thing I got from being in there was watching people surrender all. Surrender their hearts, surrender their concerns. There was just a feeling of humbleness before God that was there."

Harvard said the gathering brought together people from all walks of life. A sign of what his group believes God has in store for the nation.

"It was all just God working," Harvard said. "You left with a sense of peace. You left with a feeling of comfort. You left feeling centered.

"I feel like my experience was not a unique one, and that is part of why this revival is growing beyond Asbury. This isn't even a denominational thing. This is just God working."

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