Governor Kay Ivey recently praised the House of Representatives for passing a series of comprehensive gambling bills allowing for casino gaming, sports betting, and a lottery in the state.

On Thursday, the House passed both a constitutional amendment and an enabling bill, both of which are required to pass gambling in the state, assuming citizens vote in favor of the amendment should the bills clear the Senate.

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Ivey gave a surprising endorsement during her State of the State Address earlier this month, saying the time was right for voters to consider the issue again.

After Thursday's House vote, Ivey announced full support for the legislation in its current form.

"I have long said the people of Alabama deserve to have another say on gaming, and today's passage of HB151 and HB152 in the House is an important step forward and very significant, as this has not been accomplished by the House in years. The proposal passed by the House will clean up and crack down on the rampant illegal gambling and will give Alabamians the opportunity to have their say on regulated, limited forms of gaming."

"This is a tough, complex issue, and I commend Rep. Chris Blackshear, Rep. Andy Whitt and House Speaker Nathaniel Ledbetter for their leadership. I also commend each House member who voted today to limit, regulate and tax gaming and lottery activities in Alabama. I will remain engaged as this legislation moves to the Senate. In their current form, these bills will continue to have my support."

The bills will still have to pass the Senate before hitting Ivey's desk for a signature. The Senate will likely attempt to amend the bills, and the House must either agree or reach a compromise through a joint conference committee.

If signed by Ivey, the constitutional amendment would then be voted on by the public on the Nov. 8 presidential ballot before the gambling legislation could take effect.

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