ALBERTVILLE — On Wednesday, Gov. Kay Ivey stopped by Sand Mountain Park in Albertville, where she spoke about her continued efforts to boost the economy and labor force participation rate and raise the quality of education for Alabama students.

Ivey opened by emphasizing the importance of working together to "move the state forward."

"Folks, we are certainly living in interesting times, and it seems just about every facet of our lives people are focusing on what makes us different instead of what brings us together," Ivey declared.

Ivey highlighted her Game Plan that was passed last legislative session, which she said will help bring in billions of dollars for business investment and create 78,000 new jobs.

"Like I always say, the best is still yet to come," she said.

Ivey contrasted the federal government's increased spending leading to inflation with Alabama's "conservative budgeting." She said that's why she issued the tax rebates coming in December — $300 for families and $150 for individuals.

"For some, a little bit can go a long way," she said.

Ivey also spoke about improving the state's road infrastructure with projects going on currently in all 67 counties and expanding broadband across the state.

"Just as interstate connectivity is vital, internet connectivity is also vital," she emphasized.

Ivey again said education would be her top priority next session with the goal of pushing Alabama to be in the top 30 in reading and math.

She closed by encouraging people to vote in the special election for State Senate District 9 on Jan. 9, 2024.

"Future Alabamians deserve our hardest work today," Ivey said. "This is our opportunity, so let's not waste it."

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