Governor Kay Ivey's office responded to an open letter from Alabama Department of Human Resources (DHR) employees and former employees concerning agency commissioner Nancy Buckner and her leadership team.

The letter states grievances and claims that some incidents have led to the death and abuse of children in DHR custody.

No specific examples of abuse or deaths were listed in the four-page letter, and Ivey's office said they never received it.

"To my knowledge, our Office has not received this letter and therefore, there is no way to verify it," Ivey's communications director Gina Maiola said. "However, Commissioner Nancy Buckner, who has dedicated much of her career to DHR, as well as the team at the department do critical and lifesaving work. Governor Ivey commends them for their service."

Another letter was sent to Ivey's office Tuesday concerning DHR. Lee Marshall, the founder of foster care organization Kids to Love, sent the letter and made a video for a call to action following a civil lawsuit filed by Kids to Love.

Several federal lawsuits have also been filed against the Alabama Department of Human Resources commissioner Nancy Buckner and State Superintendent Eric Mackey following an investigation by the Department of Justice.

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