Governor Kay Ivey on Tuesday removed Alabama Public Library Service (APLS) board member Virginia Doyle after Doyle questioned Ivey and lawmakers' suggestions to cut library funding depending on APLS's policy and procedures regarding sexually explicit library books.

On Thursday, the APLS board met to deliberate on several of Ivey's proposed policy changes after Ivey took an interest in the library issues and engaged in a series of back-and-forth letters with APLS director Nancy Pack.

For months, residents and lawmakers have attended APLS board meetings to hear and express concerns over the inclusion of sexually explicit and LGBTQ+ promoting books. Ivey began her correspondence with Pack in September. Several prominent lawmakers also sent letters to the APLS board, intimating they would use their legislative discretion to direct funding based on the board's actions.

During Thursday's meeting, Doyle launched into a monologue, chastising Ivey and the legislature for alluding to cutting library funding.

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"I don't know how, when, where or who got to the state legislature and the governor's office," Doyle said. "And to have them threaten to take our budget away from us because of all this controversy is just wrong."

She continued, "If they want to cut the money for the libraries that we distribute on a per capita basis, it won't hurt me, and it won't hurt you. But they're going to go home and they're going to face the people it does hurt because it affects every library in this state. And they're the ones that's going to suffer. It won't be us not giving them money. It will be the legislature that votes to not give them the money."

Doyle said she had been personally "threatened" by an unnamed legislator to cut library funding and that Ivey and other lawmakers had not tried to meet with anyone on the board.

On Tuesday, Ivey sent a letter to APLS stating she had removed Doyle from her position on the board.

Doyle told APR she believed her removal was an attempt to pack the board with those sympathetic to removing or reshelving the books.

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