Since the COVID-19 pandemic forced students to be schooled virtually at home, more and more parents are concerned about their children being indoctrinated by left-wing, "woke" ideologies, something that Dr. James Lindsay refers to as the "Marxification of education."

Lindsay is an expert on the history of Marxism and how it has wormed its way into modern American institutions. He rose to prominence after several of his fake hyper-woke academic papers, like examining rape culture among dogs at dog parks, exposed the radical left-wing bias of many universities and journals. He has since become a leading voice informing people how dangerous and pervasive Marxist ideology is becoming in U.S. education and that it's something that touches everyone, even in red states like Alabama.

"It is here. Yes, of course, it is here. It's everywhere," Lindsay said during a recent sit-down interview on "1819 News: The Podcast." "…If your school takes federal money, it's there, which is, it's in your school because they all take federal money. If your private school takes federal money, it's probably there. Because it's in all of them because it's part of what's mandated. You take one red cent of federal money you got to meet their curriculum demands. You got to have social-emotional learning. You got to have the whole thing."

Lindsay said teachers are trained to turn otherwise innocuous or legitimate educational moments into political conversations. He gave the example of using a math word problem about the miles driven to an amusement park and how, through questioning, the teacher can broach a wide variety of controversial topics, from critical race theory to climate change.

"You say, 'Johnny's riding in his car with his mom and dad. Do all families have a mom and a dad? What do you think guys?' 'Oh, we only have a mom' — feminist conversation. 'Well, I know somebody who has two moms' — sexuality conversation. Or, 'Guys … we were just talking about environmentalism in science. Do you think it's a good idea to ride in a car just to go have fun?' Now you're having the climate change conversation," he said.

By doing it this way, Lindsay said teachers pushing Marxist ideas can avoid detection.

"You can have a million political conversations out of anything, and they are trained in teacher training for professional development and social-emotional learning to make political conversations out of everyday normal, anything questions, and if I showed you that as my homework, you wouldn't blink an eye… That's how insidious it is," he said.

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