ABC 33/40 meteorologist James Spann on Thursday provided some insight on Alabama head football coach Nick Saban.

Spann revealed on "The Next Round" that he and Saban share an "open line" of communication because the coach wants to know exactly how the weather looks for practices and games.

"The hard part is when we have active weather in the area, and the coach wants to know exactly when will it rain, how much will it rain, will there be lightning, when will it stop," Spann said.

According to Spann, the legendary football coach is all about weather.

"[H]e's a weather dweeb, a total weather dork," Spann said of Saban.

He continued, "I think all college coaches have to become that because it's a big part of the game when there's active weather going on if it's extreme heat or cold or rain or snow or whatever. But he's decided if he ever retires, he's going to come work for us in the weather office. And I told him, 'Coach, there's always a place for you in my office.'"

As for speculation of when he, 66, and Saban, 71, would retire, Spann shared that it drives them both "nuts."

"People ask us as older gentlemen, 'Hey, when are you going to retire?' What do you mean? We're just getting started," Spann advised. "I mean, come on. We're going to be in it a long time. We're good to go."

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