Country music star Jason Aldean’s song “Try That in a Small Town” is as popular as it is controversial, rocketing to number one on the U.S. iTunes charts despite Country Music Television removing the song’s music video from the airwaves.

The song’s music video depicts real security footage of robbing and looting while Aldean sings, “I recommend you don’t try that in a small town.” It has quickly gained supporters, especially in the face of efforts to cancel the song.

One supporter is Orange Beach Mayor Tony Kennon, who tweeted, “Jason Aldean is always welcome in Orange Beach!”

Speaking to 1819 News, Kennon said, “I love the song. I listened to it and found nothing offensive to it. As a matter of fact, I would wear it as a badge of honor.”

Kennon believes the song captures what it means to be from a small town and the South.

“I feel it is an anthem for small-town America and the South because it truly is who we are," he told 1819 News. "We take care of our own, and we’re not gonna allow someone to come in here and create chaos and havoc.”

He finds it hypocritical that the very people pushing back against Aldean’s song simultaneously “celebrate gangster rap and other pop music that promotes violence, promotes the degradation of women, family, anything and everything that’s traditional Judeo-Christian belief system but at the same time want to destroy a man who is singing about what is traditional America.”

Kennon argued that the pushback to the song had been so strong because the "woke mobsters see it as a threat from those of us in the majority that are getting tired of their nonsense."

"It’s something to rally around, and it’s time to cancel the cancellers," he declared.

Jason Aldean has performed in Orange Beach previously, and the mayor said he was "welcome back anytime he wants."

Kennon added, “He needs to buy a vacation home and move down here half the year.”

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