By Brandon Moseley

Jasper Police Lt. Matt Dozier announced recently that he is running for the Alabama House of Representatives House District 13 in Walker County.

“I am from Jasper and work as a detective lieutenant at Jasper Police Department with 18 years experience as a detective and police officer,” Dozier said. “I have specialized training in homicide investigation, crime scene investigation, and interview/interrogation. I am running for Alabama House of Representatives District 13.”

HD13 incumbent State Rep. Connie Rowe (R-Jasper) is leaving the legislature to work in Lt. Governor Will Ainsworth’s office.

Dozier said that his experience in law enforcement has made him wary of some justice reform proposals before the legislature.

“Bad prison/criminal justice reform bills put Alabama at risk and tie the hands of our law enforcement, district attorneys, and judges,” Dozier said. “I will promote legislation that protects crime victims and puts criminals where they belong- behind bars.”

Dozier said he wants to fight against legislation that protects criminals more than victims.

"I will stand side-by-side with our police and fire departments and demand that they be RE-FUNDED, not DE-FUNDED," Dozier said. “It's no secret that our conservative values are under attack, It's time to bring back common sense to government.”

Dozier promised to support providing necessary funding and resources for K-12 educators.

Even though Dozier has spent a career in law enforcement, he believes that Alabamians should have the right to carry their firearms with them without being forced to get a concealed carry permit from their sheriff.

“As your state representative, I will protect our gun rights,” Dozier said. “I believe in constitutional carry and the practice of being required to have a permit should end. Although most sheriff's offices depend on the large annual pistol permit revenue, it is just another form of a tax. I will support legislation to end pistol permits in Alabama. Non-tax related options are available that would replace the loss of those much-needed funds to sheriff’s offices and better fund public safety as a whole.”

The Republican primary is May 24, 2022.

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