BIRMINGHAM, AL — Jeff Poor, currently the political editor of 1819 News, will soon assume the role of executive editor at 1819 News. Poor, host of the daily "Jeff Poor Show" on Mobile's FM Talk 106.5, previously served as editor of Breitbart News' media vertical, Breitbart TV.

He also has been a regular contributor to several Alabama news organizations and nationally with the Daily Caller and the Media Research Center.

"We could not be more excited to have Jeff taking over the newsroom as the Executive Editor of 1819 News. He has an unparalleled knowledge of the Alabama political and media landscape, as well as a passion for doing news right," Bryan Dawson, 1819 News CEO, said.

"What stuck out to me most about Jeff is his vision to create news that engages and informs the people of Alabama, so they focus on what is going on in their state and not just focus on national events, that is our vision at 1819 News as well, so I knew he was a great fit," he added. "I have no doubt Jeff is the man that can take us to the next level as a news and media organization.”