WASHINGTON, D.C. – According to former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Democrats must pay a political price in the November 8 midterm elections for the crisis at the border brought by the Biden administration's border policies.

In an interview with Mobile radio FM Talk 106.5, Alabama's former junior U.S. Senator said those policies undid the work of former President Donald Trump's four years and described them as "an absolute evisceration of law."

"Let me be frank to your listeners and to you – this election and immigration question is huge," Sessions said. "And if the Democrats do not pay a price politically for what they've done to eviscerate the progress the Trump administration made and – it's worse than it was when Trump took office. It is an absolute evisceration of law. People don't know how hard the last four years of Trump was to make the progress that was made. There were lawsuits. We at DOJ were in lawsuits everywhere trying to write regulations and defend them and lawsuits and so forth.

"We need to see some people lose office, and then we need to go into the next presidential election and fix the job. And the next important thing – I believe a lot of people think it's hopeless. I do not believe that. That is not so."

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