A Jefferson County circuit judge has been convicted of ethics violations stemming from 2021 charges that found the judge guilty of inserting her opinions into judicial decisions.

Jefferson County Circuit Judge Tracie Todd was convicted last year for violating judicial rules by criticizing how death penalty cases are handled in her judicial opinions. She also was found to have ignored higher court opinions and inserted her own.

As punishment, Todd was ordered to work without pay for 90 days beginning Dec. 6, 2021.

On Monday, a judicial panel convicted Todd of further ethics charges for refusing to return to work for the mandated 90 days, spending most of her time in Illinois.

The panel gave Todd an additional month of unpaid work as punishment.

Todd, who testified in her own defense, claimed she worked remotely while in Chicago and couldn't return to Alabama because of illness and COVID-19 quarantines that restricted her from travel.

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