Jefferson County GOP chairman Paul DeMarco said local Republicans should pay close attention to the upcoming general election. Along with county commission races and a big race for sheriff, other important races are on the ballot, including legislature seats, a board of education race and a district attorney spot.

A top priority for Republican voters should be the sheriff's race, DeMarco said. Sheriff Mark Pettway (D) is challenged by Jared Hudson (R). A former Navy SEAL and current business owner, Hudson said he has what it takes to protect the people's constitutional rights in Jefferson County.

DeMarco said at a time when crime is up in the county, change needs to take place. He emphasized that it is essential for all of Jefferson County to vote for the position of sheriff because some municipalities rely on the county for technology, tools and resources to fight crime.

"Jared has been working very hard and I think, unfortunately, with what's going on in Jefferson County and we've seen it here, I think voters are frustrated and you've got the opportunity to put a strong candidate in for the sheriff in Jefferson County, who will do an excellent job," explained DeMarco. "We saw the issue that happened in Pleasant Grove that really raised eyebrows with the sheriff's department. You've got really good people in the sheriff's office but it's the leadership that needs a change."

Also on the ballot is the district attorney's race in the Bessemer Cutoff. Jefferson County has two district attorney positions, and this is the race for one of them. Lynneice Washington (D) is being challenged by Bill Veitch (R).

"Voters in the Bessemer Cutoff also need to support Bill Veitch," DeMarco said. "That's another place you can change and have someone who will put public safety as a priority and who will support victims of crimes, not the criminals."

The only commission seat challenged is the District 3 seat. Jimmie Stephens (R) is challenged by Devin Cordell (L).

"We feel confident the Republican Party will keep the majority of the Jefferson County Commission," DeMarco said about that race.

There are also 17 races on the ballot for state representatives for Jefferson County, but only eight of those are challenged.  

"We're not just watching, we're supporting these candidates and we just need voters to show up," added DeMarco. "We hope that everybody is watching what's going on in Washington, D.C. but we hope they also pay attention to what's going on locally."

The Jefferson County Republican Party and the North Jefferson Republican Patriots will hold a voting rally on Sunday, November 6, at 3 p.m. in the outdoor pavilion of the Gardendale Civic Center. Jared Hudson and Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall will be on hand for the event.

View a sample ballot for Jefferson County by clicking here.

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