This Christmas season is shaping up to be the most expensive in decades, according to U.S. Rep. Jerry Carl (R-Mobile), who said Alabamians can expect to pay more for gifts and groceries thanks to "Bidenomics."

In a statement to 1819 News, Carl said when President Joe Biden took office, inflation was at 1.4%. According to reports, inflation has since increased 17.4% cumulatively, which equates to roughly $11,000 more spent annually by average Americans.

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"This Christmas will be the most expensive one yet because of the crippling effect of Bidenomics on the American people," Carl said in a statement. "The numbers don't lie. The cost of cookies is up 3.7%, beef and veal are up 8.7%, and Americans are spending over $11,000 more annually just on basic expenses."

From vehicle Insurance up 19.2%, uncooked beef roast up 12.5%, to transportation and vehicle maintenance hovering around 10% and many more, Carl said he was working tirelessly to fight Biden on his economic failures.

"One in three Americans are foregoing gifts this year due to inflation. One in four Americans still have holiday debt from the previous year," Carl added. "One in five Americans will apply for a new credit card to help with holiday shopping. I'm doing everything I can to hold the Biden administration accountable and cut wasteful government spending to rein in the insane amount of inflation we are seeing."

Carl said the best solution to beat Bidenomics would be to re-elect Donald Trump as president in 2024 and have Republicans secure both chambers of Congress.

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