Long before the I-10 Mobile Bayway opened in 1978, what is known as the Causeway served as the major thoroughfare across the Mobile Bay between Mobile and Baldwin Counties.

As the route is pushing 100 years, having opened in 1926, it still serves as an alternate route when Interstate 10 is backed up and will likely continue to do so even with the construction of a new I-10 bridge.

As first reported by AL.com's John Sharp on Thursday, U.S. Rep. Jerry Carl's (R-Mobile) office revealed $3.5 million was secured for the long-time existing route, part of a $1.7 trillion spending package likely to be passed by Congress later today.

During an appearance on Thursday's broadcast of FM Talk 106.5's "Midday Mobile," Carl said despite the "good things" in the legislation, he was a "no" vote.

"We've got a lot of good things in this bill," he said. "You know, I sat down with staff this morning, and we went through a punch list of all the positive things that we have in there. Now is probably not the time to get into everything. But our district, District 1, has got some very positive stuff in there. But there's just so much negative stuff that the Democrats have thrown in there at the last minute. You know, we've ignored the border. We want to give money to process people coming across, yet we don't want to spend any money on border security. I mean, just lots of little things like that – I just can't pull myself to vote for it. So, it's going to be one of those votes that I will vote 'no.'"

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