We have just finished observing the 248th anniversary of American independence. That means a YUUUGE event is coming up in just two years — the quarter-millennium. Two-hundred fifty years. That’s a long time for a nation to survive, particularly a constitutional republic.

The last time there was a super celebration of America's birth was in 1976, the 200th anniversary. Then-President Gerald Ford, led the celebration and gave a speech. 

Before that, the biggie was the 150th. The President and speechmaker was Calvin Coolidge. America's big celebration was also Coolidge's birthday — "born on the fourth of July."

There is a potential issue that has not yet been talked about much during the current presidential campaign. I am inserting the issue here and now and will spread it nationally: the president we elect this coming November 5 will be the voice and face of America on July 4, 2026 — the milestone 250th anniversary. Two years away. In the middle of the next term, whoever is elected.

Mr. or Ms. Voter, who do you want to be the voice and face of America on that momentous occasion?

It simply would not do to put Biden on the world stage and on the history stage on that occasion. He could easily flub the dub.

This analysis puts the Biden competency issue into a down-to-earth frame of reference that even Democrats and lukewarm Biden voters should be concerned about. Do they want Joe Biden speaking for us on the world stage and the platform of history for our Bisesquincentennial? Why, Biden may be unable even to articulate that word.

The 250th-anniversary event would be no time for Biden to lose his train of thought, muff his lines, exhibit frailty, say nonsensical things or wander off.

Democrats and lukewarm Biden voters, please don’t take that chance. While the competency of the President is necessary at all times, and especially during all difficult times, the known historical event coming up during the upcoming term is no time for a demonstrably unfit person in the presidency. 

For you Democrats and lukewarm Biden supporters who see this problem, what are your options instead of your first inclination to vote for Biden now that I have explained it so simply? You have several options:

  • Vote for Donald Trump.

  • Vote for Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

  • Vote for one of the other minor candidates whose names I cannot even remember.

  • Vote the entire rest of your ballot but leave the presidential contest blank, which is called an “undervote.”

Whatever you do, do not vote for an unfit president to be the voice and face of America on our 250th anniversary. To do so would make you part of the problem.

Jim ‘Zig’ Zeigler’s beat is the colorful and positive about Alabama. He writes about Alabama people, places, events, groups and prominent deaths. He is a former Alabama Public Service Commissioner and State Auditor. You can reach him for comments at ZeiglerElderCare@yahoo.com.

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