A Tuscaloosa judge denied a motion on Thursday to dismiss a murder charge against former Crimson Tide basketball player Darius Miles.

According to reports, Judge Daniel F. Pruet decided during Miles' immunity hearing, which took place this week, after hearing witness testimonies in August and September. 

Miles was charged alongside childhood friend Micheal Lynn Davis in the case of the shooting of Jamea Harris. He has been accused of knowingly providing Davis with a handgun, which Davis later used in a shootout with Harris' boyfriend, Cedric Johnson.

During the shootout between Johnson and Davis, Davis was shot twice. This raised questions about who, if anyone, was acting in self-defense.

Miles told investigators he saw someone with a gun in a Jeep containing Johnson, Harris and Harris's cousin Asia Humphrey within 10 minutes of the shooting. His attorneys suggested that Miles provided a firearm to Davis so he could defend himself.

Pruet stated that Miles's defense failed to prove Miles "reasonably feared for his safety." Investigators have also maintained that Davis fired the first shot. 

Miles's attorneys also argued in September that an investigator illegally questioned Miles after the incident, failing to read him his Miranda rights before seeking specific information.

Their motion claimed the investigator did not tell Miles that anything he said before being read his rights would be inadmissible in court. Instead, it claimed the investigator asked Miles to repeat some of the information after his rights were finally read.

It also suggested the investigator asked Miles for an autograph after he read him his Miranda rights.

Earlier this month, Harris's mother filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Davis, Miles and Brandon Miller, another former University of Alabama basketball player, who has not received any criminal charges.

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