Alabama native Justin Holcomb officially declared his candidacy to be the next U.S. Representative in Alabama's fourth congressional district in the 2024 election cycle.

Running as a Republican, Holcomb will challenge incumbent U.S. Rep. Robert Aderholt (R-Haleyville) for the seat.

A graduate from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Holcomb boasts of working with former President Donald Trump and in the private sector, bringing a business public through Nasdaq.

"Quite simply, it is time for Alabama to send real leadership to Washington," Holcomb said. "The fact is, the American Dream is dead, and Alabama is at the back of the line in every conceivable way. I will change this. For the first time in nearly 30 years, the great people of Alabama will have a choice on March 5, 2024 – a choice that has not been made available because of general intimidation and lack of opportunity given to them by their incompetent leaders. Together, we can reverse this course and take back our State. The time to reignite the potential our founders passed down to us is now. Alabama can, and will lead our country into the future. I am excited to work alongside the people of my homeland to change our country."

Holcomb's campaign will hit the ground running in the coming weeks, announcing a public schedule in the middle of October. Should he win, Holcomb explicitly committed to only serving two terms as a congressman.  

"This election will no doubt be one of momentous importance," Holcomb outlined. "I firmly commit to serving only two terms, a total of four years – only by the will of the People. Term limits are rarely debated by those in power, but there is no reason why Alabama can't lead by example without having to wait for laws to be changed. The rotation of Representatives from Alabama should be common and frequent, increasing the dynamism of our State with each changing of the guard. Washington D.C. should be in a perpetual state of apprehension, uncertain and eagerly guessing what Alabama will produce, in turn creating the leverage we need to negotiate and make our State stronger than ever before."

"The 30 year professional politician method has been tried, and tried again - each time the People being left with no other option than to accept the same old proposition. On March 5, 2024, that will change," he added.

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