During an appearance on Fox News, U.S. Sen. Katie Britt (R-Montgomery) criticized the Biden administration's foreign policy, which she said projected "weakness."

Britt, just back from a bipartisan trip to Israel, told host Neil Cavuto that Iranian attacks on U.S. assets in the region were a product of Biden's weakness.

"What do you make of these attacks on U.S. soldiers, and apparently through these Iranian proxies, both in Iraq and in Syria?" Cavuto asked.

"Look, this is what happens when you project weakness," Britt replied. "That's what we have seen from the Biden administration since day one. We have got to go back to a strategy of maximum pressure, of bone-crushing sanctions. What we have even seen with this $6 billion deal where we have asked the president to rephrase that money, he's doing it on a handshake deal. The fact that this administration thinks that they're going to find moderates in the Iranian regime has truly sent people on a fool's errand. We have to achieve peace through strength. And when our troops are attacked, we must respond with defensive strikes."

"All right, so if we do, would those attacks be on Iran?" Cavuto said. "Would you favor that?"

"Look, we know where this is coming from, absolutely," Britt responded. "It is coming from Iran. We have to be able to say -- and I have been so frustrated with this administration for not being able to say that Iran is the largest state sponsor of terrorists across the globe. We know that they're not only funding but also training the Houthis there in Yemen. Obviously, we know Hamas, the evil that we have seen there in Gaza from Hamas. And we know that Hezbollah in Lebanon, they're all Iranian-backed, they're all Iranian-trained. We have to be able to say it, and we have to be able to respond directly, directly to Iran in this."

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