One of Alabama U.S. Senate Republican nominee Katie Britt's first major endorsements came from the Alabama Farmers Federation's (ALFA) FarmPAC.

FarmPAC, the political arm of ALFA, endorsed Britt in late September 2021, long before she had secured frontrunner status. The move was in line with the organization's early endorsement of Tommy Tuberville two years earlier in Alabama's U.S. Senate Republican primary.

Both Britt and Tuberville trended positively to secure the Republican nomination after securing the ALFA endorsement.

During an interview with this week's edition of ALFA's "Alabama AgCast" podcast, Britt credited the Farmers Federation for her primary campaign's success and said she had made earning the support of ALFA a focus early on.

"We knew it was the most integral part of making this happen," Britt said. "And so even before we announced, we were praying about this, my husband and I were wrestling with it and praying about it some more, we began conversations and started attending meetings of the Farmers Federation.

"As you well know, the Federation has the absolute best reputation in this state for their integrity, their character, their work ethic, for what they stand for, for the values. I have said consistently outside our servicemen and women, there are no better people in this state than our farmers."

Britt said the ALFA endorsement was an important part of her successful nomination.

"So, sitting down and listening to their meetings, meeting their members, really the best people across this state was incredible," Britt said. "As we prayed about, wrestled with it, got to know it, we knew that this would be such an important part of the foundation of actually making this happen and securing the Republican nomination."

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