Even though Republican U.S. Senate nominee Katie Britt is an overwhelming favorite in her November 8 general election match-up against Democrat nominee Will Boyd, the campaign continues.

On Monday, the Britt campaign announced it had received the endorsement of the Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America's Candidate Fund, formerly known as SBA List.

In a statement, SBA Pro-Life America president Marjorie Dannenfelser applauded Britt's commitment to pro-life causes.

"Katie Britt is an outspoken advocate for the unborn and we could not be more excited to welcome her to the ranks of prolife women in Washington," Dannenfelser said in a statement accompanying the announcement. "Alabamians are deeply prolife and deserve senators with an unwavering commitment to fight for unborn babies and their mothers. Katie is just the woman for the job. At a time when pro-abortion Democrats have grown more extreme than ever in pushing abortion on demand through the moment of birth, paid for by taxpayer dollars, strong women standing up for life are critical. Katie is a leader and we encourage all pro-life Alabamians to support her this Election Day."

Britt applauded the endorsement and reiterated her commitment to protecting the unborn.

"I am excited to have earned Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America's endorsement," Britt said. "Hardworking American families are being crushed by generationally high inflation, rising violent crime, and the deadly fentanyl crisis, and the American Dream is at risk for our children. In the Senate, I am going to be a tireless champion for life and will fight to build a strong future for all children, for my fellow moms, and for families across our nation."

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