As things currently stand, U.S. Army veteran Mike Durant, who according to recent polls is the frontrunner for the GOP nomination for Alabama's U.S. Senate seat up in November, is not likely to participate in a debate before the May 24 primary.

Alabama Republican Party chairman John Wahl said for that reason, a debate sanctioned by his organization was not likely.

On Tuesday, former Business Council of Alabama head Katie Britt, one of Durant's opponents, questioned Durant's decision to not respond to those invitations.

She credited U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Huntsville), the other contender in the three-way race, and declared Durant's behavior suggested he had something to hide.

"I think the Alabama voters deserve to see all of the candidates on the stage at the same time, talking about issues that are important to them," Britt said. "You know, when you see a 30-second TV clip, you don't get to know where the actual candidates stand on policy issues. You don't get to dig deep into those. You don't get to understand where their priorities are or what they want to do for the people of Alabama."

"[T]o Congressman Brooks' credit, he has agreed to be a part of these, just like I have. But Mike Durant has been totally radio silent, and interestingly, Jeff, one of those proposed debates is with Nexstar, I think he is the TV partner. I believe that is correct. It would have been sanctioned and co-hosted with the Alabama Republican Party. So, if Mike Durant wants to be the Republican Party nominee, it is especially perplexing, head-scratching that he won't even respond to their debate invitation."

Britt then assessed Durant's refusal.

"I mean, what does that tell you?" she added. "I think it tells you that, well, he clearly has something to hide."

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