By Brandon Moseley

The Young Republican Federation of Alabama (YRFA) met for their gala and meeting on Friday and Saturday. The attendees at the gala from across the state held a straw poll in which a clear majority want Kay Ivey to return for four more years as Governor. They also preferred Katie Boyd Britt for Senate, Wes Allen for Secretary of State, and Stan Cooke for State Auditor.

The straw poll, which was held at the YRFA’s Winter Gala on Saturday, asked respondents to choose between announced candidates in every statewide race that will appear on the May 24, 2022, Republican Primary ballot in Alabama.

Ivey received 54% of the straw poll vote. Tim James came in with 17%, Lindy Blanchard 13%, Dean Odle 12%, and Jim Zeigler 4%.

Ivey was elevated to Governor in 2017 and elected in her own right in 2018. She is seeking a second term.

In the race for U.S. Senate, Britt received 45%, Mo Brooks 28%, Mike Durant 12%, Jessica Taylor 7%, Mike Dunn 6%, and Jack Schafer 1%.

Britt campaign spokesman Sean Ross told 1819 News: “Katie is running an energetic conservative grassroots campaign.  Meanwhile, her opponent is the Joe Biden of Alabama: 40 years running for office, six terms in Congress, and nothing to show for it but empty words and more money in his pocket.  It is clear that Alabamians are ready for fresh blood to shake things up, and it’s no surprise that this straw poll reflects the strong momentum building behind Katie’s campaign.

“While Katie has a record of successfully fighting for the people of Alabama, her opponent only has a record of serving himself,” Ross continued. “That’s why hardworking Alabama farmers, manufacturers, small business owners, families and patriots are standing with Katie.  She is going to win in 2022, because Alabamians know that Katie will fight tirelessly every day to protect our Christian conservative values, ensure Alabama has the best possible seat at the table, and preserve the American Dream for our children and our children’s children.”

Britt is the former President and CEO of the Business Council of Alabama, an attorney, and formerly was incumbent Sen. Richard Shelby’s chief of staff.

Wes Allen received 72% of the votes in the Secretary of State ballot. Chris Horn received 28%. Allen received the highest percentage of votes and won by a greater margin than any other candidate that was polled in any statewide election.

“I am grateful for the support in the straw poll,” Allen said. “I am working hard to visit every county in the state to speak to them about my campaign to become Alabama’s next Republican Secretary of State. I believe that this poll shows that our message is getting through and it is resonating with voters who want a solid Republican with elections administration experience to serve as Secretary of State.”

Allen is a member of the Alabama House of Representatives and the former Probate Judge of Pike County.

Stan Cooke received 57% of the vote in the straw poll for State Auditor. Rusty Glover came in second with 27%, Andrew Sorrell had 12%, and Brent Woodall 4%.

“I am grateful for the vote of confidence from all of those who participated in the Young Republican poll,” Cooke said. “I understand that I received 57% of the vote or more and that is a testament to our hard work and campaign efforts all across the state of Alabama.

“I will continue to build upon that momentum into the Republican primary in May 2022 with the positive message of productive positive solutions for the state of Alabama. Integrity, honesty, accountability and transparency are the hallmarks of our campaign,” Cooke added. “I believe that everything that is right with the Republican party can solve everything that is wrong in the state of Alabama.”

Cooke is the Pastor of the Church of God in Kimberly and he has a global mission with offices both here and in Israel.

Other races were too close to call.

Greg Cooke received 51% of the vote to Debra Jones’ 49% in the race for Alabama Supreme Court.

John Hammock had a narrow edge over incumbent Jeremy Oden 56% to 44%.

Races where the Republican incumbent does not have an announced challenger at this point were not polled.

This is a straw poll NOT a scientific poll. It says more about what members of the Young Republican Federation of Alabama and their guests think about the race and is not necessarily representative of the Republican primary votes as a whole.

The Republican primary will be on May 24, 2022.

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