Like many others, I am a news junkie. I remember watching the five o’clock nightly news with my dad when Ronald Reagan was president, but I really got interested in political issues when the keys of the country were handed over to Bill Clinton in 1992. That’s when I started wondering about the direction of our nation.

Fast forward 30+ years and here we are – living in Bizarro world. My 22-year-old self would have gasped and blushed to learn where we are now. My now 54-year-old self just chugs another cup of coffee and keeps going. Resiliency really does come from tough times. 

But I hit a wall this past week. Between the $1.2 trillion omnibus bill that our own “conservative” Sen. Katie Britt voted for and the continued border surges, I basically threw up an emotional white flag. Tired of absorbing bad news, I declared myself on a spring break from daily media. 

Maybe you don’t keep up with current events like I do, but if you do, I bet you have a blood pressure cuff, too. Maybe I’m projecting my own need for respite on others, but this world has really put me in a funk. 

I feel enormously frustrated these days. It appears the government is selling our country down the river and my heart is grieved for the futures of my children and grandchildren. 

But it happens to be the perfect week to take this break, for two reasons. For Christians, this is the most important week of the year: Holy Week. It begins on Palm Sunday, which is when Jesus rode into Jerusalem and was praised by the masses. He entered humbly, riding on a donkey – though many of the Jewish people thought He was about to liberate them from Roman rule. 

This week continues by marking the path to the cross for Christ. As a Christian, my great hope rests in the Scriptural truth that Jesus died on the cross for my sins on a Friday long ago and rose from the dead the following Sunday on my behalf. I have staked my life on this truth. 

But this is also “spring break” week for our family, as both the college and high school kids have a break at the same time. Yay!! They’re not traveling, so we’re here together this week and planning to enjoy catching our collective breath. We have a few plans, but overall, rest, worship, and family are the goals. 

I’m a daily poster child for nostalgia as I watch our boys grow and become men. I know I’ll remember these special times when we are eventually empty-nesters and they have families of their own. I hope they will, too. 

Our kiddos will spend time with their friends, but they’ll also spend time with us – because we’re mean parents who still make them hang out with us. We’ll watch what I as an Auburn fan am officially calling “March Sadness” week (curse you, Yale!) and check out how the Crimson Tide basketball team does in the Sweet 16, much to my despair. 

Our church provides Holy Week devotions, so we’ll discuss them as a family. The hope we have in Christ always defeats the sorrows of this world. 

We’re throwing in a quick road trip or two this week for fun – eating at some fun places and enjoying the spring weather. At the top of the menu is junk food and spring desserts like ice cream and apple pie. Earlier, the oldest and I played outside with the dog – who will probably think this week is just for her. It’s breezy before the rain comes in tonight and it feels amazing. 

I tell you all this because perhaps you also need a break. Hopefully, you can take some time this week to watch your favorite movie, take a nap, read a book, or get outside and enjoy nature. Or maybe you’re like I was in December when my father was in the hospital, where a physical break was practically impossible. If a physical break is improbable, perhaps an emotional break could be squeezed in. Reading Scripture or examining what this week is all about in the Christian faith might do your heart some good. 

This week is all about hope, and we could all use some of that right now. Hope built on Christ is not just the assurance that you’ll be in Heaven with Him and all your buddies one day. Christ meets us here, where we are now. This whole week maps out the path he took to the cross where He died for our sins. He died and rose again so we could have the hope and promise of being reconciled with God, if we trust in Him. He is the Author of hope. 

So, I invite you to join me in shutting out the noise that bogs us down and focusing on the truth that lifts us up instead. If all I do this week is spend time with the Lord and enjoy my family, that is a spring break worth taking.

Kristin Landers is a substitute teacher and freelance writer. Landers’ previous work includes serving as Communications Director for the Alabama Policy Institute and working for Citizens Against a Legalized Lottery (CALL) to defeat legalized gambling in the state of Alabama.

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