June is a fun month of celebrations in our family. My husband’s birthday is in June, as is Father’s Day, so we will have at least a week of birthday palooza and other festivities in his honor.

But we and other sanctity-of-life proponents have another enormous reason to celebrate this month. June 24 marks the two-year anniversary of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade. Justices Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, Amy Coney Barrett, and Chief Justice John Roberts concurred in judgment that Roe v. Wade was unconstitutional and that abortion should be decided by the states.

People said it would never happen, but God really seems to love proving His omnipotence.

For nearly 50 years, conservative Christians prayed and peacefully protested to end the barbaric practice of abortion on the federal level.

This was not simply a political win but a spiritual one. I praised God for doing what seemed impossible and for answering His people's prayers. Jubilation — meaning euphoria, triumph, joyousness — is a word we don’t use enough these days in the Christian church. We should be jubilant when we consider what God has done for the unborn.

Unfortunately, Americans have about a three-week attention span, if that. We tend to forget important events quickly because we are always on to the next thing. But American Christians need to continue to praise the Lord for this gift of life. Indeed, I believe we need to have our own personal celebrations commemorating the END of Roe v. Wade every year.

Thanks to the overturning of this insidious decision, more babies will have the opportunity to laugh, smile, grow, learn, and experience life. Many will get to enjoy exploring nature, smelling flowers and feeling the grass under their feet. They will relish being held in the arms of their mothers or grandmothers – or adopted mothers and grandmothers. They will get to attend school, make friends, be educated, find their gifts, and prayerfully learn that they are loved by the God who created them. Countless babies will grow up to get jobs, find careers, maybe get married and have their own families. There are endless possibilities for those given the chance at life.

If you are yet unaware of what happens during an abortion – to the unborn baby – I encourage you to research the procedures. Barbaric is the truest word to describe how these children are disposed of.

Yet women don’t like the idea of their “reproductive rights” being infringed. What we fail to remember, however, is that there are potential consequences for any action. Some potential ramifications of having sex outside of marriage include an unplanned pregnancy, a possibly unrequited bond developed with your lover, and a myriad of unwanted sexually transmitted diseases.

Honestly, a woman’s reproductive “rights” end where another human being’s begins. “My body, my choice” has always been a flawed mantra. It’s a female’s body carrying a completely different body. That tiny, little body inside of a pregnant woman has God-given rights too. The mother’s rights do not trump the child’s, much to the disbelief of liberal feminists everywhere.

If you’re on the side of life, you should celebrate this June. Celebrate with jubilation. Celebrate with your church and family members, because God has brought this victory to pass after many years of prayer and weeping. A grievous wrong was righted two years ago and that gives us hope.

And don’t let anyone tell you that “conservatives” or “Christians” don’t care about children after they’re born. All across our nation, there are caring families who foster children in need. Couples adopt children with great joy and anticipation of building a family. People give to ministries that support pregnant women who have chosen life for their unplanned child. At my church, you can donate diapers, clothes, toys, and formula. Right here in Birmingham, we have Save A Life Ministries where you can provide financial help for pregnant women and their medical bills, whether they’re keeping their children or giving them up for adoption.

So, while we continue to plead with the Lord over the soul of America, let’s rejoice with exceeding joy in this gift we’ve been given.

June is now officially “Life Month.” And all the glory goes to God.

Kristin Landers is a substitute teacher and freelance writer. Landers’ previous work includes serving as Communications Director for the Alabama Policy Institute and working for Citizens Against a Legalized Lottery (CALL) to defeat legalized gambling in the state of Alabama.

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