Last week, a report from Mobile-based newspaper Lagniappe revealed a new twist in the ongoing legal saga between political consulting groups Matrix LLC and Canopy Partners based on legal filings last week.

According to Lagniappe's report about those filings, employees of the online publication Alabama Political Reporter listed on its website were named in notices of intent to serve subpoenas filed by Canopy.

"While the subpoenas make no specific allegations, they do infer a financial connection between Matrix and APR," Lagniappe's Rob Holbert wrote. "Whether Canopy's subpoenas are simply a 'fishing expedition' or are based upon actual knowledge of Matrix's internal spending isn't clear at this point."

During an appearance on Mobile radio FM Talk 106.5, Holbert discussed the dispute between Matrix's Joe Perkins and his former Matrix CEO Jeff Pitts, who left Matrix to form Canopy in 2020.

According to Holbert, the lawsuit exposed a lot of Alabama politics.

"We're seeing that underbelly coming out in the open with the lawsuit between Matrix and Canopy Partners," Holbert said. "People aren't really clued into what that's all about – there's really no reason for folks to understand, to know who these people are generally. Basically, I guess they're considered political consultants. Maybe 'dirty tricks' groups is another way of saying it. But Matrix has been a power player for a long time now, and they have a lot of high-end politicians as well as some big businesses – Alabama Power being the most prominent one that pays them, hires them to fix their problems, and help them get their point across but also take care of those who might get in the way.

"We've seen that in the past, I guess years ago when Terry Dunn was on the Public Service Commission and sort of this big campaign to get rid of him. It was sort of a dirty tricks campaign. People were coming out and really hammering the guy. And, Matrix really kind of ran that show."

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