Friday, Fox Business Network's Larry Kudlow criticized outgoing U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Tuscaloosa) for the earmarks topping $650 million in his final omnibus before leaving Capitol Hill.

Kudlow, who claimed Shelby had established a "fine conservative record" through the years, said he was "blowing it up in his last weeks" during his FBN show's opening monologue.

"Save America, kill the omnibus bill – that's a good place to start tonight," he said. "Stop the lame-duck spending spree being conducted by the Democrats in both houses but with the support of Senate Republicans, including Mitch McConnell and retiring appropriator Richard Shelby of Alabama. Mr. Shelby, who has a fine conservative record down through the years, is blowing it up in his last weeks. He won't be around to pick up the higher inflation pieces that may result from his omnibus spending increases, including his status as the league leader and most valuable player of the earmarks world series."

When I say Senator Shelby is the league leader, I know whereof I speak," Kudlow continued. "According to his own Senate Appropriations Committee, his earmarks come to $650 million. The runner-up is another retiree, Republican Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma, with $511 million. That is followed by recently reelected Senator Lisa Murkowski at $490 million. So, of the top 10 most valuable player candidates for earmarks, eight of them are Republicans."

"Remember how the GOP ran in the midterms to cut spend and inflation?" he added. "They didn't do that well, did that well, did they?"

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